What time do I have to arrive? 

The event will start at 4pm however we ask that everyone is by the registration area by 3.45pm to listen to the Health & Safety briefing. Give yourself plenty of time though as parking can be an issue!

Do I have to do the full 10 climbs? 

Absolutely not! Although there are those that complete the 10, Ten Y Fan loves it when people come along to complete however many climbs they choose and support the charity. If you complete 1 or 10, you are helping to support the charity and help make children’s lives better

Do I have to stay the whole 24 hours? 

No, the event lasts 24 hours, but you may have completed your chosen number of climbs much sooner. Some people may choose to not climb through the night so they go home for a much deserved sleep then return the next day to continue climbing once refreshed. It’s up to you

How do I register? 

Go to the Register Now page (tab above) and register your details for our next event.

Is there food & water available? 

Yes but this is only from the generosity of local support. We cannot guarantee there is enough food and water for everyone and ask that you bring sufficient supplies for yourself.

What about safety? 

Ten Y Fan is attended by First Aid qualified staff who are there for any eventuality. Brecon Mountain Rescue is informed of the event should an emergency occur. Ten Y Fan marshals are on the mountain at various points throughout the climbs should you have any queries or issues. 

Are there showers and changing facilities? 

Unfortunately not. There are public toilets but they are not 5 star standard! We will try and provide a tent for changing clothes if the weather is bad but this is not guaranteed.

Are their prizes given for the best time? 

No. We prefer not to time the climbs (other than for safety purposes). We will however give out awards for people that have raised large amounts or go above and beyond and are Ten Y Fantastic! This is, and always will be, about supporting each other. These prizes are donated by local businesses and supporters of the event.

How am I monitored for each climb? 

From 2017 we are introducing a chip system that will monitor you throughout the climb. It will provide the organisers with location and times for safety purposes but will also give you a time for your own records.

Do I get a medal even if I only do one climb? 

Everyone will receive a medal or gift for taking part (as well as a t-shirt). Just hand in your timing chip when you are finished and collect it from the registration tent


How can I pay money in collected offline? 

There are a number of options 1) Pay it into your own account and then pay online at www.ten-y-fan.org 2) bring any monies raised to the event and hand in at the registration desk 3) Deliver the money to one of the following collection points – Westmore Insure, 11 Thornhill Road, Cardiff CF14 6PD or Reception Desk (FAO Allison McCarthy), EE, Merthyr Tydfil Contact Centre, Rhyd-y-car Business Park, Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1DH

  Do I have to raise a minimum amount? 

You do not have to raise a minimum amount to participate in Ten Y Fan. However, we ask our participants to aim to reach a minimum of £200 (or much more if possible) in order to reach our goals of raising £100,000 for the chosen charity. However, every little helps so if you can’t raise £200, any amount would be amazing. Once registered you are part of the Ten Y Fan team!

Can I fundraise for another charity? 

By all means however we do ask that you consider our chosen charities as they are close to our hearts


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